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Cleaning Air Ducts Before Summer

Ensure Clean Indoor Air Quality

Maintain fresh air inside to start the summer off right. Get Hercules air ducts cleaned at the lowest costs around!

Cleaning Air Ducts Before Summer

Cleaning Air Ducts Before Summer In Hercules

It’s that time of the year again – spring. All over Hercules, air ducts of houses and businesses are being scrubbed and tidied. Not just the ductwork. Stoves are being cleaned, windows washed and attics organized. The air in your house is likely to have just as much dirt and dust in it, especially if you’ve been working hard on clearing up the rest of the house. You need to make sure you don’t spend the rest of the year breathing it in. Your air duct vents may well need to be cleaned. Spring is the time for tidying up your home, brightening up rooms, and making everything feel clean and welcoming again. However, dirt and dust that’s built up in your ventilation system can ruin this quite easily. Dirty air ducts lead to contaminated indoor air. With some efforts, you can mitigate this greatly.

Are My Air Duct Vents Dirty?

All air circulation systems are designed to keep out a certain amount of debris. That’s what the air duct filters are for. They’re not 100% effective though, and plenty of dirt still finds its way through into your vents, especially if the air duct filters haven’t gotten changed in a while. This dust will gradually accumulate in the air ducts, building up in corners and bends until eventually, your ducts have a lot of debris in them. While it’s true that throughout the summer, your air ducts will gradually accumulate dust, pollens, and various small debris. But if you don’t clean them before summer, this will add to already existing piles. Clean air ducts with a little dirt accumulating over time are far better than dirty air ducts with more dirt piling in.

Why Does Air Duct Cleaning Matter?

A little dust in the air is natural - our bodies can certainly cope with some particles. However, the problem comes when we’re breathing a concentrated dose day in, day out. If you’ve got a lot of dust in your air vents, then it’s going to be constantly circulating throughout the property. This doesn’t do anyone’s health any favors, and it also means you’ll find more and more dust accumulating throughout the home. Fresh air circulating inside your restaurant, office space, or home makes the indoor atmosphere and climate much more hospitable. Mold in the air ducts or various types of dirt can cause a stuffy feeling and a bad odor. Hercules air ducts can become blocked over a year too. This restricts airflow, making heating and cooling expenses much higher.

Bigger Problems With Ductworks

There are worse things than dust in your air duct system. Common problems include loose chunks of insulation or mold growths. Both of these can let harmful contaminants into the air, such as insulation fibers or spores. Either issue should be taken care of by professionals as quickly as possible, as it’s very hard to know whether you have a problem or not by yourself. Dirty air ducts allow pollutants and airborne contaminants to float inside your indoor spaces. Air duct leaks reduce energy efficiency, and also let in some contaminants into the indoor air. Cleaning the air ducts at least once a year, if not more often, eliminates many problems, big and small.

Finding Good Air Duct Cleaners Near Hercules

Good news. The search is over before it even started. If you want to know more about indoor air quality in your home or business, all you have to do is let us know. Our technicians here at Air Duct Cleaning Hercules can assess the internal atmosphere for any signs of contamination. If any is found, we’ll guide you on the best next steps to take, including cleaning your air ducts, HVAC unit, and other features. Call to schedule a service appointment with the best air duct cleaning professionals near you.


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