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Which method cleans the air duct system of homes and offices best? Find out the best way to have healthy and clean air indoors right here.

Why does mold affect your air ducts?

Mold spores often thrive in wet and humid environments away from sunlight. This is the reason why mold often grows in your typical home or office ventilation systems. They can cause lasting damage to your HVAC system, which is why you should consider calling our cleaning experts to maintain and protect your vents from molds and other organic contaminants.

Will my newly constructed home still require air duct cleaning?

Of course. Even if you think that your ventilation system is free from germs and other microorganisms as your house is still brand new, left over debris and other particles from the construction may cause damage and build-up of unwanted contaminants.

Will cleaner air ducts minimize allergic reactions?.

Yes, cleaner air ducts will minimize allergic reactions. These reactions are often caused by particles like dust and pollen which circulate if the HVAC unit or ventilation system in your home or office space it unclean. Hiring our experts to maintain the cleanliness of your vents will eliminate the main causes of these conditions.

Why are the surfaces in my house dusty despite frequent cleaning?

There are two possible reasons for this, according to our specialists. If you live in an area with a high level of dust in the air, the indoor environment is likely to be adversely affected as well. Most often the problem is due to dust accumulating inside the air ducts of the HVAC system.

What is the ideal replacement dryer vent?

Ideally, it would be made from rigid metal and have as few twists and turns as possible. However, the amount and size of the room from the dryer to the closest exterior wall plays a crucial role for the final decision. In any case, try to go for metal and for the highest level of rigidity possible to get the best possible protection for your home.

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