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Follow the practical tips shared here to have perfectly clean air ducts and HVAC system for many years to come.

Find out what to do to make your home safer for your family by reading the air duct cleaning tips shared here. Read on to learn why it is important to clean your dryer duct, and how to do so in a simple manner. Scroll down and expand your knowledge!

Get the air quality in your house tested regularly

The test will reveal the level of dust, dirt and other common indoor air pollutants. If it is higher than normal, you should take measures for its improvement. The most effective measures one can take include the cleaning of the air duct inside the HVAC system and more thorough cleaning of all surfaces within the house.

Consider new air duct filters with electrostatic charge

These are considered to be more efficient than their traditional counterparts because of their charging. In this way, a magnetic field is formed. As a result, the filters attract and keep even very tiny particles. This enables them to keep the ducts and the indoor air cleaner for longer. They still require cleaning and replacement eventually.

If the dryer gets hot, it’s time for vent cleaning.

Lint carried by the hot exhaust air sticks to the inner walls of the dryer vent and builds up. As the buildup grows, the hot air gets under ever greater pressure and the appliance starts to strain. The hot surface signals that the buildup is too great and has to be removed immediately.

Make sure that the air duct connections at the registers and vents are sealed.

It is a fact that most leaks occur around these connections. They make the HVAC system less efficient and speed up the contamination of the air ducts with dust, pollen and debris. The best materials for sealing include mastic sealant and metal tape. Using duct tape is not a good idea because it is not effective and durable enough.

Eliminate rodents and insects in the air ducts

If you've noticed some strange scampering sounds or noises coming from your air ducts at night, or if you've seen trails of insects going into your vents, you probably have an invasion of some unwanted creatures that you'd prefer to get rid of. Dust and debris in your air vents are the perfect habitat for ants, mice, cockroaches and other unwelcome guests that our duct cleaning can help eliminate. Give us a call and let our trained professionals check out and clean your home's air ducts today.

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